Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Living Room in Full View

I provided bits and pieces of my living room, now I am showing you the full view.  What I love most about the room is the checkerboard floor.  I removed old green carpeting and found a better quality plywood underneath (although I was hoping for hardwood floors).  Since there were no splinters or rough spots, I decided to paint it. I painted the outside perimeter black and then painted the middle of the floor white and then added the black squares.

Of course, the black and white dictated the color scheme for the rest of the room.  I love ironstone, white bird houses, vintage signs, and anything with a nice graphic quality.  I have a mixture of Ikea, flea market and Ethan Allen furniture.  The bookcases were built by my father and have followed me to every home.  I hope you enjoy the tour...



  1. very nice! the checkerboard floor is a perfect choice for your cozy room.

  2. You have created an amazing space. I love all the details and how it all works so beautifully together. Magazine worthy, for sure!

  3. You have amazing talent! The way you put all of your treasures together is just perfect!