Monday, September 2, 2013

Elkhorn Flea Market

A recent trip to Elkhorn Flea Market netted some fun finds.  I have traveled to Ohio (Springfield Flea Market), Texas (Round Top) and Iowa (What Cheer) for vintage treasure hunting and still list Elkhorn as my favorite.  It may be that I know the "lay of the land" and some of the great vendors, including Jan of Gracie's Cottage.  Also, I always discover great vintage items at fair prices.  The last flea market this year is on September 29th, so if you are in or near Wisconsin, be sure to stop and shop.

Here are a few photos from the August flea.  I don't have many to share since I was too busy shopping.

And here are photos of some of my purchases, which will be listed in our Etsy shop shortly...